Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Get Big and Buff !!!!!!



Getting big and buff and having muscle to spare is something that most guys dream about. Muscle is sexy; muscle is a sign of strength and virility! Having a scrawny, weak, muscle-challenged frame doesn't draw the girls' attention or score you many points on the "hunky" scale. But you can alter your physique; you can pack on muscle and transform your body from scrawny to brawny by following the guidelines outlined in this article.


Things You'll Need:

  • A Plan
  • Dedication
  • Effort
  • Gym
  1. Be Realistic - Getting big and buff is a goal that many guys have, but it it important for you to realize that building muscle and adding muscle mass to your physique takes time. You can do it, but it is not going to happen overnight. Expect  steady muscle gains as you advance on your muscle-building program, but don't expect to become KALI MUSCLE like in 6 months!
  2. Lift Weights Hard - To build big muscles, you have to lift moderate to heavy amounts of weight on a steady basis. You must concentrate on performing multi-joint weight-lifting exercises, i.e, bench presses, squats, deadlifts, etc., in order to utilize the largest, strongest muscles in your body while at the same time stimulating your body to release the largest amounts of growth hormone and testosterone, both of which promote muscle building as well as fat loss.
  3. Split your Weight Routines - To maximize muscle gains and to prevent overtraining and/or injury, weight-train no more than two body parts per session. You might weight-train your back and biceps one day, your shoulders and triceps the next day, and your chest and legs the day after. Or you can mix up your weight-training schedule. But aim to weight-train no more than 2 body parts at a time in order to maximize your muscle gains.
  4. Always Change Your Exercises - To build the biggest, strongest muscles and to prevent stagnation of your progress, be sure to change your weight-lifting exercises periodically. You can alternate between doing higher weights with fewer reps to lighter weights with more reps. You can mix-and-match free weights with machine weights and throw in some calisthenic-type exercises. The point is to keep changing your weight-lifting exercises to keep your muscles guessing - and growing!
  5. Increase Caloric Intake - Muscle growth (hypertrophy) requires an abundance of calories. To gain muscle mass, you need to take in more calories than you burn consistently. The key is to consume a diet rich in high-quality foodsf, i.e, whole grains, lean meat and dairy, fruits and vegetables, etc, to maximize nutrient uptake and to minimize fat gain (yes, expect some fat gain along with your muscle gains). Try to eat between 500-750 calories above what your body needs to maintain its current weight 
  6. Increase Protein Intake - Adequate protein intake is necessary to maximize muscle gains. Too much protein will not increase muscle building, but too little protein will hinder it. Strive to eat a diet rich in low-fat protein sources, i.e, lean beef and poultry, legumes, low-fat diary products, etc. Building muscle requires a nutritious, well-balanced diet heavy on high-quality foods and sparse on low-quality junk foods.

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