Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mary J. Blige's Diet and Exercise Tips

Mary Jane Blige, also referred to as Mary J. Blige, is an American singer, producer, songwriter, actress, and rapper. She is a recipient of 9 Grammy Awards together with 4 American Music Awards. During the 1990s, she garnered the World Music Legends Award for blending hip hop as well as soul music. She has recorded 8 multi-platinum albums and is ranked as number 100 in the list of the greatest singers of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. The healthy diet and exercise routine of this artist keeps her fit and in great shape always especially during her performances. I know you want to learn about her secrets, gladly, she has shared it so keep reading.
mary-j-blige.jpgMary J. Blige’s diet plan involves the intake of low carbohydrate meals with a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner together with protein shakes. The low carbohydrate diet is actually similar to the Atkins diet but doesn’t adhere to a strict two-week induction phase. Mary J. Blige’s diet involves the intake of meats, cheeses, fats, and some leafy green vegetables while maintaining the carbohydrate levels in minimum amount. Furthermore, she avoids the intake of any sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables.
Mary J. Blige’s diet allows her to eat any of the allowable foods but still lose or maintain her ideal weight. Actually, she lost greater than 40 pounds since 2001 with the help of her diet and exercise routine. She likewise keeps herself well hydrated by drinking a lot of water every day which also helps flush out the toxins within her system.
For Mary J. Blige’s exercise, she performs weight lifting thrice per week concentrating on her arms, legs, as well as glutes. She also does squats as well as bench presses and does intense cardio exercises on a different day through running at least 4 miles.
Currently, she does the Core Secrets created by her personal trainer. This kind of workout involves full body and body-part specific workouts concentrating on strengthening the core of the body. for her personal trainer, working out is not just about burning calories but also having a great shape while doing the things you love.

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