Friday, December 31, 2010

Ciara Fitness Tips

How Ciara Stays in Shape

Ciara’s Fitness Tips (from Women’s Health Interview)

Train and eat like you mean it- here she just states that having a great body is more about how you eat and less about fitness. She states that as she is getting older, she is taking what she puts into her body more seriously. It may not be fun, but she states that she gets great results this way. My take: I disagree. I think that if the average person eats and average amount of calories (not whatever they want) but busts their butt at the gym, they can get great results. I think it’s a matter of choosing what you can work into your lifestyle and going from there. I know that I am a horrible dieter so I would rather eat what I want within reason and pay for it in sweat at the gym. I don’t want to deprive myself and then do mediocre workouts. The ultimate would be someone that works out hard and eats clean.

Target your tummy- she states that she does lots of ab work between 200-500 exercises per session and works on using her core to keep her body aligned when she is not working out. My take: I do agree with concentrating on your core to keep your body aligned but I don’t agree with the reps on the abs. I think that is entirely too much. When I really work my abs, they tire after about 30 reps. I think if you can do that many of anything in 1 session, you are not working them hard enough (that’s just my opinion now). I mean think about it, if you could do that many reps of any other exercise wouldn’t you up the intensity or the weights?

Make Madonna your workout buddy- basically fast upbeat tunes get her motivated. My take: totally agree.

Get ESPN-Zoned- she likes to watch sports while she works out because they motivate her. Watching LeBron on the court with his finesse and dedication inspires her to continue her own hard work. My take: totally agree. When I am running and Kobe is on and I want to stop, I think to myself “does Kobe wimp out after 10 minutes? Is that how he got to be one of the greatest?”

Max out on meals- she eats 5-8 small meals a day and drinks tons of water. My take: I am torn about this. I have done both. I think this is where you listen to what your body needs. I have not seen a huge difference if I do mini meals or I eat 3 squares and 2 snacks. I am by nature a grazer though so frequent small meals do work for me better. I try to concentrate more on calories though (at least a little).

But don’t you dare deprive yourself- she will occasionally treat herself when needed, its about balance. My take: I am all about the treats, a little too much about them. I need more discipline in this area. I agree with her on this one.

Remember that saying “your body is your temple?”- when you treat your body well it will treat you well and vice versa. My take: I agree with this also. Too bad I am still struggling with this one.

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